Straight Stairlifts

Considerations With Straight Stairlifts

Straight stairlifts
A Straight Stairlift

Straight stairlifts can be fitted to the majourity of staircases that consist of a straight run of stairs. Straight stairlifts are both considerably cheaper and easier to install than curved stairlifts. Another positive is that there are more straight stairlift models available to the consumer than there are curved stairlifts - this is particularly true with reconditioned straight stair lifts where there are many more models available. This has given the consumer a greater level of choice aswel as helping to lower the cost of straight stairlifts. However, the large number of straight stairlift models available, and the widely differing prices can make choosing a straight stairlift model and supplier difficult. Here at Stairlift Suppliers we can help you to find some of the best stairlift deals currently available in the UK. We also ensure that all of our suppliers meet the highest levels of the British Safety Standards.


Straight stair lifts
A New Straight Stairlift

When choosing to buy a straight stairlift you have the option of buying either a new or reconditioned stair lift. The cost of a reconditioned straight stairlift is obviously less than that of a new straight stairlift (typically saving you around £300 - £500) but the consumer should be aware that the quality varies greatly from one supplier to another. Obviously, the less you pay for the reconditioned lift the lower the quality will be and the greater the age of the stairlift. Luckily, there are some very good suppliers of reconditioned straight stairlifts in the UK. However, we would always advice the consumer to buy through an approved supplier.

One big difference between straight stairlifts and curved stair lifts is that most large stairlift companies will offer an express installation service for straight stairlifts, whereby the stairlift can be installed within 1-2 days of an initial survey (express installations are not available with curved stairlifts as they require a customised stairlift rail). In addition some suppliers have straight stairlifts available for rental.

In some cases it is possible to install a straight stairlift onto a curved staircase:

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Straight Stairlifts are also available for outdoor stairs.

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