Rental Stairlifts

Considerations With Stairlift Rental

Rental stairlifts can be an attractive option if you only require a stairlift for a few months and don't want to buy a new stairlift or reconditioned stairlift outright. In these situations stairlift rental can be extremely cost effective. Rental stair lifts are normally only available for straight staircases, as curved staircases require a custom made track and the cost would be too high.


At Stairlift Suppliers UK we have a great deal of knowledge where rental stairlifts are concerned and we are able to find our visitors some of the best deals on offer from some of the most reputable stair lift rental companies in the country. Many people decide on rental stairlifts in cases where a relative is staying in their home for a couple of months or following an operation or injury that prevents them from using the stairs in their home whilst they recover. They are also commonly used by people who are terminally ill but would like to continue to live at home rather than in a hospice. Once a rental stair lift is no longer required then the stair lift supplier will remove it and return your stairs to the way they were before it was fitted.

How much does stair lift rental cost?

Costs vary widely from company to company. Most companies have a minimum rental period, which can vary from 3-6months. Typically, 3-6 months of rental would cost you around £500.

Are there any additional stairlift hire charges?

No, everything is included in the rental costs. The costs cover both the installation and the removal of the rental stairlift as well as any breakdown costs.

How much will I have to pay to hire the stairlift if I require the stairlift beyond the rental period?

If you require to continue to rent the stairlift beyond the rental period you will normally have to pay a monthly charge of around £40-60 per month.

Are rental stairlifts good value?

If you will only be needing the stairlift for 3-6 months or less then they are good value. However, if you are unsure about how long you will need the stairlift or think you will need a rental stairlift for more than 6 months then you may be better off buying a reconditioned stair lift. It is also worth bearing in mind that it is unlikely that you will know exactly how long you will need the stairlift for at the outset, and you may end up needing the stairlift for longer than you planned.

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