Reconditioned Stairlifts

Save Money With Reconditioned Stair lifts

Whether you are looking for curved reconditioned stairlifts, or straight reconditioned stairlifts, we are here to help you make the right choice and also help you save money. At Stairlift Suppliers we also take safety incredibly seriously and all of our approved reconditioned stairlift suppliers that you will find through our websites search facility are totally reputable companies who operate with complete regard to British Safety Standards. As well as reconditioned stairlifts we are also able to advise our visitors on stairlift rental as some of the customers who use our website only need to have a stairlift for a short term period of time.

Why Buy Reconditioned Stairlifts?

  • The main reason is the reduced cost (reconditioned stairlifts are around £300-500 cheaper for a straight and up to £1500-2000 cheaper for reconditioned curved stairlifts, or used stairlifts)

  • Reconditioned and used stairlifts are less likely to require a settling in period and should run smoothly from the outset when compred with new stairlifts.

  • Installation is often faster with reconditioned models, especially with regards to reconditioned curved stairlifts.

What are the negatives to buying reconditioned stairlifts?

  • They do not valways come with the same range of options as new stairlifts and they cannot always be customized to the individuals specific needs.

  • Ongoing maintenance could be an issue if the reconditioned stairlift is no longer in production - for this reason it is always a good idea to buy reconditioned stairlifts that are still in production.

  • May be harder to source replacement parts - normally only an issue with very old machines.

  • The warranty period is sometimes less with reconditioned stairlifts. However, all reconditioned stairlifts brought through the stairlift suppliers network come with a fully comprehensive 12 month warranty as standard.

Some Popular Reconditioned Stairlifts

Simplicty Reconditioned stairlifts
The Simplicity is a popular reconditioned stairlift
Acorn Reconditioned stair lifts
The Acorn Superglide reconditioned stairlift
BS101 Curved Reconditioned stairlifts
The BS101 curved reconditioned stairlift
Platinum Reconditioned stair lifts
The Platinum curved reconditioned stairlift

Find An Approved Reconditioned Stairlift Supplier

Stairlift Suppliers UK can help you to find the best deals from approved reconditioned stairlift suppliers. All reconditioned stairlifts supplied through our network come with a fully comprehensive warranty and 365-day emergency breakdown cover.

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