Outdoor Stairlifts

Outdoor Stairlift Considerations

Outdoor stairlifts are very similar to indoor stairlifts and come with the same stairlift features, such as swivel seats and safety features including safety sensors, however they are modified to ensure they are able to withstand a variety of weather conditions such as rain, snow and sun. Obviously they have to be made to be waterproof, but they can also run in a range of temperatures from sub zero in winter to 40 degrees in the summer.


To prevent rusting, metal components are either made from alluminium, or are zinc plated or oil annealed, typically they would then be powder coated. All the plastic components are made to be highly resiliant to both heat and UV light. This is an important modification that protects the stairlift from both heat and sun damage. Outdoor stairlifts are also highly resistant to the damaging effects of salt air, so they ca be even be installed in seaside locations. To further protect your outdoor stairlift, your supplier should provide you with a protective cover, to keep your stairlift clean when not in use.

When are Outdoor Stairlifts Beneficial?

Outdoor stairlifts can be beneficial in a variety of situations where you need to use external steps, including: 1) gaining access to your property via a flight of external steps; 2) gaining access to your garden via outdoor steps, or, 3) gaining access to your garage or basement via outdoor steps. They are only available for straight staircases, but are generally available as both new and reconditioned outdoor stairlifts. Unfortunately, outdoor stairlifts are not available for rental.


Because, of the type of conditions that the outdoor stairlift will be exposed to (strong winds, heat, cold, rain, snow etc) it is of vital importance that it is very securely fitted. In order to achieve this it is normally only possible to fit a secure base such as solid metal, concrete, or solid wood.


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