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If climbing the stairs is starting to become difficult then it may be time to consider a new or reconditioned stairlift. If it’s becoming difficult to safely access the upstairs of your house, without the help of a carer, then a stairlift can be a great way to maintain your quality of life and independence


Stairlifts are the most cost effective and practical solution to retaining the freedom of your own home. The Stairlift Suppliers website provides information on the different stairlift buying options that are available to you as well as information on disability grants.

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The main aim of our stairlifts website is to provide you with up to date and relevant information about the different buying options available, including, new, reconditioned and rental stairlifts; as well as to provide information on the different types of stairlifts such as straight, curved and perched stairlifts; information on buying from stairlift manufacturers and independent suppliers and what to expect in terms of repairs, and maintenance, and the stairlift manufacturers guarantee.

The Benefits of Comparing Stairlift Suppliers

Before buying a stairlift it is always a good idea to compare different suppliers so you can gather as much information as possible about the stairlifts that they supply, how much they cost, how long you will have to wait for installation, and what kind of warranty you will be getting with your stairlift. Most people find that It is always worth getting more than one quote in order to compare quotes and get the best possible price.


The sheer number of companies selling stairlifts, coupled with all the different stair lift models and options, has made the stair lifts industry increasingly confusing for the consumer.


Whether you want to buy new or reconditioned stairlifts, or, want to buy stair lifts from the manufacturer, or from an independent stairlift supplier, it’s always a good idea to look around first to ensure you receive the best deal, from the most reliable stair lift suppliers.


Always ensure that your stairliftis fully compliant with British Safety Standards and comes with a 12 month warranty which gives you total peace of mind.

Questions To Consider before Buying A Stairlift

Before considering purchasing any stairlift you need to consider two very important questions:


1. Do I need a new, reconditioned, or rental stairlift?

2. Should I buy from a Stairlift Manufacturer or from an independent supplier?


To make these questions become a bit clearer we have reviewed the benefits of: 1) buying directly from the stairlift manufacturer, or, from an independent supplier, and 2) buying a new stair lift, reconditioned stair lift, or rental stair lifts.


If you have any additional questions you can view our "Stairlifts Explained" section which answers most of the common questions you might have about stairlifts.


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